10 Contributing Tips for Listerv's

  1. Always identify the specific nature of your posting in the "subject" line. Don't use generic "help" messages. Be as specific as possible.
  2. Write clearly and accurately. Summarize what you are responding to and review what you have written before you send it.
  3. Keep your messages brief.
  4. Avoid personal attacks and accusations. Resist temptations to fire off a response. If you have concerns with someone elses message, take it up with them through private e-mail messages.
  5. Don't use all upper cases when writing. People view that as shouting.
  6. Messages that simply express agreement aren't necessary, for they create congestion. Ask yourself "Will my response educate someone?" before sending it.
  7. Be careful as to the type of humor you use in your message. Recipients of your message can only judge your posts through your words not your body language and facial expressions.
  8. Identify yourself, including your first and if you feel comofortable, your last name. Include your place of business as well.
  9. Don't be critical of other questions or messages sent. The person sending them may be new to the listserv. Again, send them a private message it needed.
  10. Finally, do not include attachments. If you have some sort of media that you believe will help others, make an announcement and offer to send the media to them through private e-mail.
  11. *Source: Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology, March/April 2001



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