Biomedtalk-L is the first e-mail discussion list started for the Clinical Engineering community. Topics of discussion relate to the Biomedical Technician and Clinical Engineer, including equipment maintenance, trouble shooting tips, job opportunities, JCAHO requirements, industry standards, and procedures.

The membership is world wide and includes over 1200 members in the biomedical community. Biomedtalk-L subscribers include personnel from the FDA, ECRI, AAMI, JCAHO, many manufacturers, ISO's, In-House Biomedical Departments, and students. The service is no cost to members. Anyone who has an interest in the Biomedical industry is welcome to join. If for any reason the service does not meet your needs, simply sign off at your command.


Send an e-mail to and enter your name where instructed.
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Send an e-mail to and send it. There is no need to enter your name in this e-mail.

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